Who’s In Control: Managing Media With a Biblical Perspective

We were pleased to recently host a seminar where individuals and families were asked to consider their choices regarding media and technology.  Jon McKenzie has been presenting versions of this material for 10 years.  Jon is uniquely qualified to make this presentation with an undergraduate degree in Mass Communication (Radio & Television), a masters in Strategic Leadership, and as a parent of young children himself.  Years of experience in youth ministry also played a critical role in developing material that would encourage action and consideration.  The timeless truths of the Bible are even more applicable in our fast-paced tech crazed world.

Here are a few things to consider:

How many hours a day do you spend watching TV or viewing other forms of media?

Does modern touchscreen technology and interactivity impact the effect of technology and media on young people?

As an adult, how do you cope with the onslaught of technology that has been introduced in the last few years?

Lots of great answers for you to study and consider in the videos below.  We hope that it is encouraging to you!


Raising Kids Who Love Jesus

Sunday morning Bible class for children has been a mainstay for many American families, but is Bible class attendance all it takes to raise a faithful child?  As you probably guessed, Bible class attendance is just the ‘tip of the iceberg.’  The most influential person in the spiritual growth of a child is the parent.   Are you as a parent growing and striving to build a relationship with God everyday?

We sing a hymn titled “How Shall the Young Secure Their Hearts?”  This song dates back to the mid-1800s and the words dates back to 1719.  Every generation of parents has worried about the spiritual well-being of their children.  As scripture states (Deuteronomy 11:9), parents must take every opportunity to speak with their children about God, faith, and deeper matters.  When we are on a walk and we see some of God’s creation, talk about it.  When troublesome times are at hand, talk about how God helps.  When joyous occasions occur, give thanks to God together.

Brother Ed McGeachy recently gave a sermon on this topic.  If you are encouraged, please find someone to share this message with….

The Power of Prayer

Our congregation has been involved in a study about prayer over the past few weeks.  Each Sunday evening Ed McGeachy has been presenting a different topic or question regarding prayer.  This study has been very thought provoking and engaging.  The true power of prayer is often neglected until we find ourselves backed into a corner.  Click any of the links below to listen to the lesson…

child prayingPrayer #1: Its Place In the Armor of God

Prayer #2: Restoration Must Include ‘Devoted to Prayer’

Prayer #3: The Importance and Value of ‘One Another’

Prayer #4: Things We Do That Hinder Prayer

Prayer #5: Some Questions That Arise

Prayer #6: Some Questions That Arise #2

Have any questions?  Feel free to leave them as a comment below or use our contact form to send us a private message via email.  God bless you in your quest to learn more about prayer and its importance in our life.

Musical Instruments in Worship: A Response

Another church of Christ in the DFW area has decided to add an instrumental worship service in an effort to reach out to the community.  The Heritage Church of Christ in north Fort Worth had a series of questions about the change with answers from their elders posted on their website, it has since been removed.  Bridgewood Church of Christ evangelist Ed McGeachy took the time to read the questions and examine the responses.  Over the course of three Sunday mornings Ed presented what the Bible has to say about the topic of instruments in worship and the danger of reaching beyond what the Bible teaches.  This series of lessons has been highly popular with the combined number of CD requests for this lesson exceeding 200 CDs.  We encourage you to listen to the message and follow along in the Bible.

June 2, 2013 – “Is Restoration Outdated?

June 9, 2013 – “Worship Acceptable to God

June 16, 2013 – “Musical Instruments in Worship: A Response

Men: Time To Stand Up!

This is another guest post from Bridgewood member, Stewart McKenzie.  A challenging message for all men.  Leave any thoughts in the comment section of this post.

The TV news business exposes you to some of the more unpleasant facts of life. You have to take the good with the bad.

real manOne of those unpleasant realities is domestic violence. Just last week, CBS 11 had a crew at the Collin County Courthouse in McKinney to cover a trial. Outside the courthouse, a husband attacked his wife and knocked her unconscious in the middle of the …road. In front of witnesses. In front of TV news crews. In front of police. Why? He hasn’t said. And he’s sitting in jail.

I don’t get it. I really don’t get it. Why would a man hit a woman?

Domestic violence murders in Dallas doubled from 2011 to 2012. Unfortunately, it looks like that trend is continuing in 2013. There have been 4 domestic violence-related murders in just the first few weeks of the new year. The number of domestic violence cases continues to grow exponentially in Dallas, Fort Worth and other cities across our nation.

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings has launched a campaign to raise awareness to this serious social issue. We have asked him to wake up early and join us on the 6 A,M, newscast. He has. Twice in the last month. And it’s not an election year.

With pressing issues related to the economy, jobs and south Dallas development, the mayor of one of the largest cities in Texas is having to focus the attention of his office on a social problem. He has gone to New York City and joined others who spoke at the United Nations about a campaign to stop the violence against women.

I applaud Mayor Rawlings for his efforts. I applaud his office and the city for organizing the March 23rd rally, to gather men together and pledge not to commit acts of domestic violence.

I agree. Men, it’s time to stand up, take charge and be real men. It’s not ok to commit an act of violence, physical or mental abuse, against a woman. I can’t believe that we actually have to write about such things. But, one look at the headlines shows that it’s something we must stand up and address as a society.

Even back in the time when the New Testament was being written, men were urged to stand up, take charge and be reminded that we’re held accountable for our actions.

“Husbands, love your wives as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her,” according to Ephesians 5:25. Jesus came down from heaven, took on the form of man, went to the cross and died a horrible, brutal death for our sins and to establish the church. Yes, it’s a big deal.

Guys, it’s a big deal. “Husbands should love their wives as their own bodies. He who loves his wife loves himself. For no one ever hated his own flesh, but nourishes and cherishes it, just as Christ does the Church.” (Ephesians 5:28-29)

Men, it’s time to hold ourselves to a higher standard than society expects. Stand up and be the leaders that God expects us to be.

The Inspiring Power of Music

Ever catch yourself humming or whistling a long-forgotten song?  Happened to me this morning as I was driving to work.  The song that popped unexpectedly into my mind from my youth was that old favorite, “Does Your Chewing Gum Loose It’s Flavor On The Bedpost Over Night?”  Never heard it?  Oh, it was a silly song, no profound message, but it had a good rollicking beat, and it was fun to sing …  and the memory made me smile.

amazing graceAnd that’s the point.  As Auerbach said, “Music washes away from the soul the dust of every-day life.”  No matter whatever thoughts or cares were on my mind, getting caught up in that old song brought me back – for the moment at least – to being a care-free teenager.

Are there not some hymns you find difficult to sing because of the memories they awaken?  It may have been the favorite spiritual song of a loved one now deceased, or perhaps it was sung by a beloved congregation as you were preparing to leave and move away.  Music has an almost unmatched power to stir feelings and emotions.

Therefore, music is a natural avenue for the expression of worship and praise.  When Paul spoke of Gentiles glorifying God for His mercy, he cited David’s statement in Psa.18:49, “Therefore I will give praise to You among the Gentiles, and I will sing to Your name” (Rom.15:9).  Furthermore, by quoting Psa.22:22, Christ is represented as being in the midst of His church, “My brethren,” in public worship saying, “I will sing Your praises” (Heb.2:12).

Quite properly we cite Eph.5:19 and Col.3:16 as evidence for singing or vocal music in worship; both speak only of “singing,” and the melody is to be made with the heart.  Instruments, therefore, are added only by the authority of man, and in doing so, cut individuals off from the One they profess to worship (II Jhn.9).

However, don’t overlook the fact that both Scriptures stress not only “singing,” but what God intends to be accomplished when we sing.  Since God’s design is for, “all things to be done to edification” (I Cor.14:26), our singing shares that objective.  As we sing, we speak to one another (Eph.5:19), with the intent of teaching and admonishing (Col.3;16).  Sing therefore in praise of our God, and in doing so encourage your brethren and share a growing anticipation for the glory to come.  Let this be the music that pops into our minds during the day, keeping alight the joy of salvation.    – by Ed McGeachy

Monday Night for the Master singers visiting a shut-in.  Singing truly awakened her soul.

Monday Night for the Master singers visiting a shut-in. Singing truly awakened her soul.