Bridgewood College Age and Young Adult Ministry

About us:
The college group at Bridgewood is an active group of young adults from the age of eighteen to late twenty’s.  We come from many different backgrounds, some are in college and some aren’t. We are a strong group committed to learning about God and his desire for us to live Christian lives. We look after each other and strive to build each other up to achieve our goal of getting to heaven. Outside of church the group often likes to hang out and have fun. We are usually having some kind of event/hangout at least every other weekend if not every weekend. The events/hangouts range from movie nights to just going out to eat and talk.

The college class:
On Sunday mornings we have class in the college room starting at 9:00am. The class is a relaxed learning experience with a warm, friendly environment. We have two teachers, Stewart McKenzie and Keith Flowers. Both teachers are of sound doctrine and devoted to teaching Gods word and plan for salvation. On Wednesday night we have class in the auditorium at 7:00pm. This class is with other members of the congregation and is taught by one of our elders, Bob Milligan. His class is very educational and is also an open discussion class.

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